New setting up of audits, a cross-sectional view of the national authority for external control requires cooperation not only with other control and audit institutions, but also with the scientific and academic communities and other expert associations.

The Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic concluded memoranda of cooperation with 28 organizations and institutions, thanks to them it can invite the experts from partnering environment to participate in the preparation, implementation and, last but not least, the evaluation of individual audits.

It is one of the ways to combine forces to multiple views into one goal, to offer recommendations to auditees that can not only take effective action, but also model systemic changes for support public policy sustainability and economy in public finance management.

The content of Memorandas is in the Slovak language:

Memorandum with The Institute for Financial Policy and The Value for Momeny Department (.PDF / 211kB)

Memorandum with The Health Care Surveillance Authority (.PDF / 201kB)

Memorandum with Slovak Academy of Siences (.PDF / 202kB)

Memorandum with Slovak univesity of agriculture in Nitra (.PDF / 204kB)

Memorandum with General Prosecutors Office of the Slovak Republic and Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic (.PDF / 232kB)

Memorandum with The Univesity of Žilina (.PDF / 204 kB)

Memorandum with the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava (.PDF / 203 kB)