Organisational Structure


Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic in brief

SAO SR is an auditing/controlling institution of Westminster type (monocratic leadership) to perform external audits/controls in State and regional municipalities’ administration.

Its head is a President elected for 7 years tenure that can be extended by another 7 years providing successful election performed by the national body setting the law framework and adopting individual laws (National Council of the Slovak Republic – Parliament). The same applies to the SAO SR Vice-Presidents.

The President sets the organisational structure on his/hers own volition in order to fulfill the goals the SAO SR is to achieve.

In 2021, SAO SR consists of a President and a Vice-President, all elected by the National Council of the Slovak Republic. They have to their disposal the SAO SR headquarters sedated in Bratislava and 290 SAO SR full-time employees. 

The SAO SR headquarter consist of two sections with several organisational units providing support services (Office of the President, Human Resources, Communication Department, Strategy and Analysis Department and Internal Auditor Desk and Quality Assessment unit). There are also seven regional branches seated in regional centres that audit the self-governing regional, district and local municipalities (more than 2 900).

organigram SAO SR 2023

SAO SR President`s advisory bodies

  • Classified Documents Commission
  • Damage Commission
  • Elimination of Redundant and Useless Property Commission
  • Inventory Civic Protection Commission
  • Labour Safety and Health Protection Commission
  • Legislative Council
  • Liquidation Commission
  • Supervision of Mandatory Provisions in Personal Data Processing
  • SAO SR Lecturers Working Group