The State must guarantee every citizen equal access to basic postal services

Bratislava, January 22, 2021 - The State, through the Ministry of Transport, has not managed to coordinate relations with the management of Slovenská pošta (Slovak Post) for a long time, and the Slovak Post, as one of the key companies, has not adopted long-term or medium-term development strategies. The Ministry, as the 100% owner of the joint-stock company, tolerated loss-making or unfavorable contractual relations. State institutions, as key partners of the Slovak Post, did not pay enough for the services provided to cover the necessary costs associated with the service provided.

"Equal access to basic postal services, such as delivery of letters, parcels, State decisions and offices in printed or digital form, the State must guarantee those to every citizen and the post office must provide adequate financial compensation for its services," states Ľubomír Andrassy, Vice-President of the Supreme Audit Office about the results of an audit completed at the end of 2020. The universal postal service is of fundamental societal importance and, as the result, is regulated by European rules which, in addition to quality, also define affordable prices and accessibility for all users.

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