The State electronic services and their usability

The fulfilment of contracts in connection with the project Cadaster Electronic Services was audited by the SAO SR as part of an audit at the Office of Geography, Cartography and Cadastre of the Slovak Republic (OGCC). Based on the audit results, the SAO SR stated that what was to serve citizens for several years to solve various situations related to real estate without a personal visit to the office is an example of a poorly managed national IT project.

The project, worth around EUR 33 mil, has not yet been completed or co-financed. It is financed by EU funds – from the operational programme of society informatisation and the State budget, which, due to corrections and fines for errors in implementation, has so far covered up to 52% of project costs. According to the SAO SR, the use of these resources was uneconomical and inefficient.

Despite the declaration about a functioning project and the deployment of electronic services in accordance with the non-refundable financial contribution (NRFC) contract of 1 March, UGCC began to deploy services to cadastral departments in Slovakia in the autumn of this year. After analysis, the SAO SR described them as non-functional according to the project key criteria and without a back-up solution providing basic services guaranteed by the State to the population. It also pointed to a number of failures in project management, which led to a seven-year delay and an excessive burden on public finances.

The SAO SR also draws attention to the risk of other expenditures that will have an impact on the State budget. By failing to finance the project in accordance with the conditions of the SAO SR, the audit found not only a breach of the NRFP contract, budgetary rules, obligations in the management of foreign assets, but also the provision of false information about the implementation of the project.

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