The SAO SR fundamentally changes the planning of audits, checks the crisis management of the state and the state of university dormitories

Bratislava, January 5, 2023 – For the first time, the Supreme Audit Office (SAO) of the Slovak Republic has embarked on a new planning process that will enable it to respond to the current turbulent and changing times, as well as to the challenges posed in recent years not only by the pandemic, but also by the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis and the high inflation rate. Changing processes will also require a new approach to the training of auditors and the validation of their expertise.

The 26 control audits that have been prepared will now be expanded in the course of 2023. The auditors will focus on the issue of crisis management of the state or investment projects in the conditions of the army. In the field of education, they will look at the reconstruction of university dormitories and connecting schools to the internet. In relation to local self-government, the SAO will examine the implementation of green policy projects, as well as the use of the tool for the development of municipalities and towns through the development levy. Through performance audits, the SAO will check integrated transport in the Bratislava Self-Governing Region, food quality and safety control, youth strategy and rental housing.

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