The Ministry of the Interior Was Not a Good Manager, Its Strategies Were Made Up of External Contractors

The Ministry of the Interior did not behave like a good manager in the management of state assets and its key strategies for public administration reform were processed in an external environment. The national auditors reviewed the period 2017-2019. Based on the findings, they note, that several amendments to the contracts have overpriced their internal information systems by up to a third. A contract for the purchase of fire trucks for volunteer firefighters is also not standard. The consulting contracts related to the key agenda of this department, the public administration organization, have drained more than €13 million from public sources. The national external audit authority has drawn the attention of the current departmental management to the risks associated with the badly designed management system of more than 300 special schools. In this context, the Audit authority positively perceived the steps of the Minister of the Interior, which can correct one of the errors of the ESO reform by making all educational institutions subject to the authority of the Ministry of Education.

‘It is right that the Minister of the Interior has found common ground with the Minister of Education and agreed to change the law. All educational institutions will thus be placed under one roof, said the Vice-chairman of SAO Ľ. Andrassy.

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