The internal control system in state administration and self-government is insufficient

BRATISLAVA, December 18 (SITA) - The internal control system in State administration and self-government is insufficient. This was stated at today's press conference by the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic (SAO SR), which began a cycle of audits in this area. As Karol Mitrík, the SAO SR President added, little attention has been paid to this topic in recent years.

The SAO SR audit of the work by municipal comptrollers has shown that in many cases it is still only a formality. According to Mitrík, the situation is similar in many State administration organisations. "Control capacities are still shrinking, with many organizations, including Ministries, abolishing internal control units. The internal audit units also have one or two auditors in large chapters, despite the growing volume of budgetary resources or assets for assessment,” Mitrík explained.

The first audit was performed by the SAO SR at the Ministry of Education, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic. "We have come to the conclusion that the internal control system at the Ministry in whole is only partially effective and there is considerable room for improvement," the SAO SR President continued.


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