The Head of National Auditors Drew the Attention of Supreme Constitutional Officials to the Risks in the Functioning of State and Public Institutions

Bratislava, January 14, 2022 -  Non-functional internal control of state institutions, expensive and delayed module of official electronic communication, insufficient prevention against gambling, or inconsistent rules in forest management. These are some of the topics that worry Slovakia. The President of the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic, Karol Mitrík, briefed three supreme constitutional officials on the results of audits in the quarterly information. By the end of 2021, the Office completed 10 audits in 15 entities and processed 2 analyses. The auditors also identified shortcomings in setting up public procurement for national highways or the resident study's effectiveness for young doctors. Serious findings have proceeded to law enforcement authorities.

Experience from audits shows strong departmentalism, frequent reluctance to cooperate, exchange of information, which can significantly affect the efficiency of the use of public funds. "An audit is a powerful tool in the hands of taxpayers, MPs and managers of state and public institutions, and therefore it must be part of management. The one who does not measure cannot manage. He doesn't know if he's advancing or reversing. We set up a mirror for those we audited. However, it is also necessary to look through the windshield," said SAO President Karol Mitrík.

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