The efficiency and effectiveness of separated waste collection in municipalities

The audited entities were the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic as a creator of waste management policy and 58 municipalities and towns in Slovakia. The SAO SR, in its audit at the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic, pointed out the low effectiveness of the measures adopted in the strategic documents. These should be key for achieving the EU's 2020 target of 50% waste recycling.

The new Waste Act introduced several significant changes in 2016, in the implementation of which the SAO SR found shortcomings. The implementation of the state control function, derived directly from the Waste Act as the central body of the state administration for waste management, also proved to be insufficient. As part of the audit in municipalities, the SAO SR focused mainly on problems related to the efficiency and effectiveness of separated waste collection.

There are considerable reserves in the area of ??waste sorting, not only in ensuring the sorting all mandatory components of waste by all municipalities, or in the area of ??municipal reporting, but also in the methodology for sorting certain types of waste.

It is much more important, through information campaigns, to raise citizens' awareness of the need for waste separation and that waste is a serious environmental problem that can be further dealt with through proper recovery. Therefore, the SAO SR proposes that more attention be paid to this topic already in the schools.

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