The Critical State of Bridges Will Increasingly Put a Strain on the Public as Well as Family Budgets

Bratislava, August 20, 2021 – The current system of comprehensive bridge reconstruction is set up inefficiently. Insufficient funding for the modernization of bridge structures leads to further deterioration of their condition and long-term road closures. “The decommissioning of a bridge represents a significant economic, social, and environmental burden for the area concerned. Undoubtedly, this has a negative impact not only on the budget of local governments, but the emergency situation also significantly affects the family budgets of people living in the region“, says Ľubomír Andrassy, SAO SR vice-president, based on the results of the audit of the maintenance and reconstruction of bridges on the roads of the second and third class, which are owned by the local government regions.

Out of almost 5, 400 bridges, as many as 1, 154 are in the three worst categories and require immediate repair. The regional governments, which are responsible for the condition of the bridges, reconstruct around 22 of them annually, but this number should be almost three times higher in terms of sustainability. From the point of view of the national auditors, it is essential to adopt a strategy at a national level that defines a system of multi-source financing for the modernization of road infrastructure, including bridges. Today´s model relies only on the own financial resources of higher territorial units or extraordinary support from European funds, while the situation is not sustainable and soon there is a risk of collapse on some key road routes, not only regional but also of national importance. 


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