The best controller is a single citizen, so he should understand the basic objectives of the budget

Bratislava, April 1, 2021 - The state budget, the final account or the annual report on the state's economy should be more understandable and clear for ordinary people. The SAO recommends to the Ministry of Finance, based on the results of the audit aimed at the process of creating a multi-annual budget, with an emphasis on the effectiveness and transparency of medium-term objectives. According to the auditors, this process has been set up well over the last five years. However, there is a need for the responsible ministries to better prepare program budgeting options and link them to the evaluation of measurable objectives.

The auditors in the audit report criticize the chronic postponement of the fulfillment of government targets to the end of the planning period, as well as the constant exceeding of the approved budget. The average difference between actual and budgetary expenditure set at 2.5 billion eur, resp. 6.8% of actual expenditure. The National Authority for External Control has also long drawn attention to the high number of budgetary measures that change the approved budget without the knowledge of Parliament. In 2020, the total state budget expenditures were increased by almost 7.8 billion. EUR, from 18.6 billion to more than 26 billion euro. Less than  5 billion euro has been earmarked for pandemic-related expenditure.

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