The auditors will assess The Slovakia´s readiness for pandemics caused by Covid-19

Bratislava, 19 June 2020 - The Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic (SAO SR) leads a team of European audit institutions. They together will check the ability of national and international institutions to respond effectively to crisis situations, as well as risks of the emergence and transmission of dangerous infectious diseases. At the same time, SAO SR will look at how Slovakia was prepared for pandemics caused by COVID-19. In addition to an audit at the State Material Reserves Administration, the Public Health Office will also be assessed among the audited entities. During an emergency, the national authority for external control protects its employees and visitors with a unique security project, which can also be used to protect the State critical infrastructure as presented to members of the Government. In addition, thanks to a modern audit information system, SAO SR has been allowing its employees to work a set number of days a year from home for the third year in a row.

Based on a risk analysis, Karol Mitrík, the SAO SR President, included in this year´s Office activities an audit of the management and functioning of the State Material Reserves Administration in times of emergency. As part of the already started audit, not only the competencies of one of the key institutions in the State will be ascertained by the auditors, but also the process of creating contingency reserves intended for State immediate assistance. "We will offer the Government and Parliament a picture of how our country was prepared to handle the emergency situation and whether we had stocks within the State material reserves to launch immediate assistance to save lives, health, as well as technical and material assistance to doctors and paramedics", adds the head of Slovak public administration auditors K. Mitrík.

Let´s see how SAO SR changed own work in these difficult times: 

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