The auditors most often warn the police about breaches of duty in the administration of entrusted property

Bratislava, February 19, 2021 - The Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic (SAO SR) has the first case this year that deserves the attention of the Police and the Prosecutor's Office. The audit results indicated the uneconomical and non-transparent proceedings in the Hornošariš Edifying Center in the City of Bardejov, which ordered services from the director's mother's company as well as unduly paid employees, will be passed on the bodies active in criminal proceedings. The SAO SR does not have sanctioning powers, so it deals with cases of serious breaches of legislation in cooperation with the Police. The national authority for external control cooperates, if necessary, with law enforcement authorities already during the audit, in order to improve governance and thus protect public finances and property. Last year, the auditors sent five cases to the Police pointing to a possible breach of duty in the management of foreign property. These included the results of an audit assessing the fire protection system by State forests, the implementation of a project for the electronic services of the Cadaster and the financing the reconstruction of the Ice Centre (Ice Hockey Rink) in Bratislava.

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