State and municipal forests

The SAO SR continued in 2018 in state enterprises audits of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic (MARD SR) portfolio. The audit goal in the state enterprise LESY SR, its 16 branches and 2 contributory organisations of the Ministry were to point out the state of management and disposal of state property rights in state enterprises in the MARD SR chapter. To compare, the SAO SR also audited the management in 16 urban and municipal forests.

As part of logging activities, the fulfilment of logging activity plans was verified and the average levels of logging activity costs in the non-state and state forests sector were compared. The overall logging was largely influenced by accidental logging, which was most often carried out to cope with wind-rooted disasters. The share of incidental logging in total logging in the observed period was 54.8% in urban and municipal forests and 46.4% in state forests.

Business companies managing municipal and urban forests did not have a business strategy in the area of timber sales, their primary goal was the maximum appreciation of the timber sold. Although timber sales in the state forest sector were centrally managed, a comparison of the average prices achieved showed that in most cases urban and municipal forests achieved better average monetisation than state forests.

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