Slovakia is not fulfilling its own obligations related to climate change and a sustainable future

Bratislava, January 27, 2023 – Sustainable development in Slovakia is lagging behind, and the risks that the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic (NAS) revealed back in 2018 not only persist or have worsened in some areas. In the past, the government committed to monitor and evaluate progress in the area of ??Agenda 2030 through individual national priorities, but these were not evaluated in the monitoring report for 2022, they were replaced by 17 global goals. In addition, the government extended the interval for preparing the next evaluation report until 2025 (from two to three years), while the European practice is to evaluate the agenda at an annual interval. These conclusions were presented by the analysts of the SAO, who checked again (via follow-up) the steps taken by those involved in the implementation of the recommendations of the SAO more than four years ago.

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