Provision of public water transport on the Danube between the ports of Vojka nad Dunajom and Kyselica

Based on submission, an audit was also performed in Waterworks Construction s.e. The SAO SR examined the process of providing ferry services, it pointed out several shortcomings in the company activities and non-transparent decision-making. There were several mistakes in concluding the contract for the ferry services and the contract was deemed disadvantageous for the State.

At present, the financing of free transport is provided by a State-owned enterprise. The SAO SR considers this method of provided transport be unusual and non-systemic. Public passenger transport should be part of the system of services provided in the public interest exclusively to the citizens of the municipalities concerned. According to the SAO SR, the costs of services should not be borne by the State enterprise, but by the State.

Other interested parties would be charged for transport in the same way as other public transport services on the Danube. The audit also revealed shortcomings in public procurement, resp. in determining the estimated value of the contract for the ferry service. This resulted in fact that within the contractually agreed period of 15 years, Waterworks Construction s.e. would pay more than EUR 46 mil despite the fact that the total price of the ferry services was approved by the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic as EUR 25 mil.

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