National Auditors Will Put a Spotlight on Pandemic Aid, Soldier Equipment, Highway Company and Train Modernization

Bratislava, January 5, 2022 - The Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic will focus on eight areas of public policy next year. The auditors have prepared projects for 31 audits in more than a hundred entities - from ministries, through municipalities and cities, to state and public institutions. Among other things, they will check the functioning of the e-Health system, the success of Roma integration projects in the field of education, the process of modernization of local trains, as well as the sewerage of municipalities and the renovation of public buildings. The National External Audit Authority will examine the effectiveness of pandemic first aid as well as the procurement of security services in the public administration based on own risk analyzes as well as the evaluation of suggestions from members of parliament.

As in the previous year, this time the auditors will follow up on several audits or analyses carried out so far, which identified new significant risks and focus on a specific problem, or verify the effectiveness of measures taken by the audited entities. "The plan of audit activities is not just a critical imagination of the auditors, a cosmic view of the problem. Each audit activity is a comprehensively developed project based on risk analysis and a factual description of critical areas. At the same time, it is a targeted process in which individual audits are set in real-time and projects are managed by professionally trained auditors. This means that before the auditors enter the field and visit the audited entities, they must also be thematically educated,” described the head of auditors Karol Mitrík, who explained the processes of preparing annual plans.

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