ISKRA - the project of the Ministry of Economy is an exemplary case of public finances waste

Bratislava, 15 January 2021 - In 2013, the Ministry of Economy initiated the construction of its own information system for crisis management - ISKRA. The use of almost € 24 million was not justified or assessed by any working group or expert analysis. In the opinion of the national authority in the area of external control, the ISKRA system was built beyond the scope of legal competence and competence of the Ministry of Economy. There was no justification for concealing the entire project procurement process. The auditors consider this to be a purposeful procedure in order to avoid the rules of public finances transparent management.

"ISKRA can serve as a prime example of State funds waste. The Ministry of Economy has been building an information system for crisis management in the last seven years for millions of euros. The project was not factually justified and, in the final, was never put into operation. It is more than serious that the Ministry was not able to submit the winning bid for the second phase of the project to the auditors", states Ľubomír Andrassy, SAO SR Vice-President.

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