In 2020, the Auditors Made Four Hundred Recommendations For Better Governance

Last year, the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic completed 32 audits. The auditors reviewed the use of public resources to implement various public policies in 216 public administration entities and organizations. Based on the results, they formulated almost four hundred recommendations, which could not only prevent mistakes and shortcomings but mainly perform better and more effective governance. Thanks to the change in the law at the end of 2019, the Chairman or Vice-chairman of the National Authority for external audit can present the results of individual audit activities in the relevant Committees of the National Council. This year's practice shows how important it is to discuss the essential audit findings in Parliament. The audit is intended primarily to serve the legislature to improve the legislative system of social governance and determine how the executive authorities fulfil their public administration tasks.

The National Council of the Slovak Republic approved the Annual Report of SAO SR for 2020, which was presented to MP’s in detail by the Chairman of the Office, Karol Mitrík. In the discussion, the deputies appreciated the work of the SAO's auditors. Several mayors, who are also members of the Parliament, highlighted the intensely professional approach of SAO's colleagues in the audit of their local governments.


Annual report preview


   Annual Report of Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic 2020 (pdf, 5,4 MB)