Hygienists actively helped to manage the pandemic, often substituted the activities of other institutions

The more than a year-long pandemic caused by COVID-19 revealed several risks in functioning of the state's crisis institutions. The  epidemiologists, employees of public health authorities are positive example, who have made a significant contribution to managing the emergency situation. The pandemic highlighted the reserves in the system of protection of the population against infectious diseases in the conditions of vaccination of young people. Problems with achieving the collective immunity of society in compulsory vaccination, which have to be above the level of 95% of the entire population according to internationally acceptable standards, have been identified in recent years mainly in the Slovak capital and its wider surroundings. Bratislava thus fell below the safe limit of collective immunity in vaccinating children. Examples of good practice, but also reserves in the protection of the population against infectious diseases, are pointed out by the national authority for external audit based on the findings of audit carried out in the second half of 2020.

"Slovakia successfully manages the vaccination of children against ten infectious diseases. We are generally above the level of 95% vaccination of the child population. Recently, however, due to the impact of negative campaigns on social networks or various misinformation by a very narrow group of individuals in the media, we have come below the threshold of collective immunity, " said Vice-president Ľubomír Andrassy, ??adding: “This knowledge must be perceived by the Government as a challenge for establishing effective crisis management, defining the responsibilities of all stakeholders involved and also adopting legislation that will support the achievement and subsequent maintenance of collective immunity in life-threatening infectious diseases”.

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