Forest Protection and Restoration Must Take Precedence over the Financial Gain from the Sale of Wood

Bratislava, December 22, 2021 - Forest management in Slovakia is governed by inconsistent rules, investments in forest restoration and planting are insufficient. According to the President of the SAO SR, Karol Mitrík, sustainable wood management with an emphasis on the social and ecological value of the forest should take precedence over the profit from the sale of wood. He states this on the basis of the results of audits in the state, municipal and military forests of the Slovak Republic. The auditors also identified several examples of good practice, in particular electronic logging  and timber stocks evidence, and also auctions and public auctions in wood sales should be applied in all  wood management organizations  as a key tool for transparency. The National Authority for External Audit recommends that the government prepare a comprehensive plan for the protection and restoration of forests in Slovakia.

The main mission of forest management in Slovakia is sustainable forest management and development. Although it contributes less than one percent to the country's GDP, the value of forest cannot be measured by economic parameters alone. "The future of our forests will depend on climate change, wood prices and, above all, on resolving the conflict between ecology and the economy. We should place greater emphasis on the ecological and social value of forests in the future. There is no life without a forest ", said the President of the Slovak auditors Karol Mitrík.

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