Flood protection projects must be based on economical use of public funds principle

Bratislava, February 26, 2021 - Slovakia belongs to the regions with high risk of floods. According to OECD data, the threat to the population and their property is the second highest in Europe. When calculating the risk per citizen, only the neighbouring Republic of Hungary is ahead of our country. Over a period of twenty years (1996 - 2016), the floods caused extensive damage to property. The society had to invest almost EUR 1.4 bn in aftermath eliminations. The worst was 2010, when the flood damage was estimated at EUR 535 million. One of the most effective ways to effectively protect residents and their property from high water is the construction of flood control constructions and preventive measures implementations.

"Those who perform public works should not forget to adhere to the principles of economy. These can only be demonstrated by greater transparency and publication of contracts. Thanks to public scrutiny, we can have better assurance that projects financed from taxpayers' funds achieve the most advantageous price-quality ratio,” states the SAO SR Vice-President. "At the same time, the State should create digital and freely accessible databases of data, thanks to which anyone interested could compare current or average prices for the most frequent recurring purchases of construction works and materials in the public or private sector," concludes Ľ. Andrassy looking at one of the recommendations by national auditors for the Slovak Republic Government or Ministry of Environment.

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