Even During the Pandemic, People Asked to Check the Transparency of Decision-making In Cities and Towns

Bratislava, July 2, 2021 - In the first half of the year, the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic (SAO) recorded a year-on-year increase of more than 70 percent in public initiatives, especially requests for audits of procedures of various public organizations or actions of local and state representatives. At the same time, the number of anonymous senders decreased significantly. Despite the pandemic, people preferred classic mail and letters. They drew attention in particular to the possible uneconomical use of municipal finances and property, suspicious family connections of public officials or non-transparent decision-making. Novelties were indications of unauthorized drawing of contributions from the "First Aid" scheme, non-compliance with anti-pandemic measures, or collecting a pandemic fee" from a doctor. Several of the initiatives have already been processed into audits, and the President of the Office, Mr Karol Mitrík, has decided to extend the plan of audit activities for 2021.

The Office carefully protects the identity of writers or whistle-blowers, which was reflected in a significant decrease in anonymous numbers registered in the first six months to below 10%. "For six years now, we have been trying to actively support people through open communication to solve problems in their city actively. This is one of the key ways for us to better manage public affairs so that public officials are more closely watched by the public. And not only traditional but also new, social media help us to achieve this goal, " reminds the Vice-president of the Office Mr Andrassy.

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