Dangerous landfills threaten human health and the Union can significantly sanction Slovakia as a result

Bratislava, March 12, 2021 - In Slovakia, twice as much landfill is compared to the European average and the State does not have an effective system of control over the individual landfills´ operators. Over the last ten years, the volume of landfilled waste has continued to grow, averaging 3.5% per year per capita. This fact is pointed out to the National Council of the Slovak Republic Members by the national authority for the external control after the completion of cross-sectorial audit at the Ministry of the Environment and the Slovak Environmental Inspectorate. Central State institutions supervising compliance with the environmental protection rules and thus also the population´s health do not have sufficient human or financial capacities.

"In this context, the auditors point out that if the landfills are not sufficiently controlled, environmental pollution causing significant damage to the health of the population will not be detected, and this will also have a significant impact on the State budget. In addition to the pollution of water or soil by waste, there is a risk of sanctions by the European Union for non-compliance with Slovakia's obligations to the entire European community due to unsealed landfills " says Ľubomír Andrassy, the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic Vice-President. Due to the still dysfunctional Information System of Waste Management, financed from EU funds, State authorities lack clear data that could be used in real time and sanction those who act endangering the quality of the environment and expose society to EU fines.


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