BIONT, a. s. economic management

The purpose of the management audit was to verify compliance with generally binding legal regulations in the management and disposal of BIONT a. s. that operate in the field of nuclear medicine, with a narrower focus in positron emission tomography. This company, from its inception until 2013, finished in a loss. Since 2014, it has shown a positive economic result.

The achievement of a positive economic result was mainly influenced by the increase in the production of radiopharmaceuticals, as well as services in health care provision. The most important activity of the company was the health care provision in nuclear medicine (on average it represented 60% of total revenues). The provision of that health care is based on contracts with a private company, but they have been concluded to the detriment of BIONT.

Based on a document prepared in 2011, after four years of cooperation, a profit was expected reaching more than EUR 956 000 in eight years. In fact, a loss was achieved in the fifth year of cooperation and the total result for the period from 2012 to 2017 was a loss of almost EUR 126 000. In 2016, a decrease in sales of radiopharmaceuticals to external customers was recorded, but consumption by own nuclear medicine departments increased, which had a positive effect on the management of the company as a whole.

The company also has research activities listed in its activities, which, however, it did not perform from 2012 until the audit.

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