Audit of measures fulfilment

In 2017, the SAO SR assessed the readiness of the local governments to provide services within the audit focused on e-Government. At that time, a third of the self-government was not ready to exercise public power electronically. The auditees (60) took 428 measures in 16 areas at the time. The audit of the implementation of measures performed in 2019 in 47 entities confirmed the correctness and effectiveness of the measures taken and the audit recommendations.

The measures were effective in 80% of cases and the SAO SR contributed to a significant improvement in the readiness of local governments to provide eGov services to citizens. The most significant shortcomings identified in audit of compliance with the measures, although in significantly smaller numbers than in the previous control, were the lack of certificates for electronic signatures.

Thanks to effective measures, only three municipalities from the selected sample solved this problem. The SAO SR also evaluates positively the fulfillment of the obligation related to the updating of access rights to the Informatisation System of the Public Administration, as well as the activities of local governments in the area of eGov promotion. However, the SAO SR considers the lack of interest by citizens in the replacement of personal and documentary contact by electronic means.

Despite being informed about the benefits, only 665 citizens out of almost 150,000 inhabitants with permanent residence in controlled municipalities set up an electronic mailbox. Based on the audit results, the SAO SR states that, despite investments in informatisation, the desired goal in the segment of natural persons / citizens has not been achieved. Although informatisation is one of the few successful IT projects, its development will require more significant activity at the national level.

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