Weaknesses in the accounting for the State assets could be solved by the central accounting system

Bratislava, February 5, 2021 - The State and public administration need a unified central accounting system and uniform rules to minimize deficiencies in accounting, but also in the protection and registration of tangible fixed assets (e.g., buildings and land) and in the settlement of receivables. The Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic (SAO SR) derives its recommendation from the findings in the audit of the accounting at three ministries - the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. At the same time, SAO SR draws attention to the systemic shortcomings in the Central Register of State Property, where the State real estate located abroad is not captured. The national auditors recommend the protection of property or real estate by compulsory insurance.


Several problems would be solved by the central economic system for State administration, which the Ministry of Finance wanted to create using European resources as early as 2017 and is scheduled for completion in 2023. The current findings of the national authority for external control only confirm the validity of such a system. "The mission of the national authority in the field of external control is not just to point out significant deficiencies identified during inspections. With our recommendations, examples of good practice, we want to help the State and public institutions to manage public affairs better. We need to learn lessons from past mistakes, and the findings in the independent audit body should ultimately, thanks to Members of Parliament, be translated into a change of the law. Only this way we can minimise the risks associated with uneconomical, inefficient, but also non-transparent management of State property and finances ", emphasizes Ľubomír Andrassy, the SAO SR Vice-President.


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