The electronic administration of justice can improve the quality of the business environment and increase the credibility of the judiciary

Bratislava, 27 November 2020 - The electronic administration of the judiciary has a significant impact on shortening the proceedings and can make a positive contribution to increase the credibility of the judiciary in the eyes of the public.

Electronic communication between Courts lags far behind, especially in areas of helping entrepreneurs. The Ministry of Justice is currently facing key changes in business register digitalisation or simplifying the entire process of registering the companies. Analysts of the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic (SAO SR) positively rate the introduction of some electronic services for entrepreneurs, such as electronic delivery, electronic Court file or register of clauses.

However, they point out that they are still not in a user-friendly position and have only partially helped to de-bureaucratese the Courts and fulfill the anti-bureaucratic principle “once and forever”. According to the SAO SR, the process of registering the end-users of benefits has not been mastered and it is another example of bad practice in the informatisation of entire society.

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