The coronavirus pandemic raises questions about the implementation of development priorities financed from the State budget

Bratislava, 1 December 2020 - On Wednesday (2 December 2020), Members of Parliament will begin negotiations on the draft State budget for 2021, to which the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic has also submitted its position to the legislators. According to the auditors, coronavirus and extraordinary security and economic measures taken at the national and international level may have a negative impact to the implementation of several development projects financed from the State budget. The risks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic can also be seen in the expected Slovak Republic finances deficit, which reaches the level of 7.44% of GDP, e. g.  EUR 7 bn. Compared to current year, it would be a decrease by more than 2%, as the deficit should reach 9.7% of GDP, almost EUR 9 bn at the end of December 2020. Karol Mitrík, the President of the Office, will present the view by the national authority for the external control about key areas and priorities for next year Budget in the National Council of the Slovak Republic.

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