The citizens´ electronic communication encounters barriers with the local government

BRATISLAVA, October 30, 2020 - Removing bureaucratic obstacles in communication between the citizen and local government or State administration is one from the Government of the Slovak Republic goals not only in previous years, but also today.

The way achieving this goal is the modern information systems and reference data from databases built and operated by the responsible ministries or public institutions with the support from national and European funds. Since 2018, one active tool to help citizens fighting administrative bureaucracy, duplicate paper documents, is the Act against Bureaucracy.

Therefore, as part of its audit activities, the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic focused on compliance with the rules of this Act and thus also the principle once is enough by the local self-government.

Based on the results of 31 audited municipalities and cities throughout Slovakia, national auditors state that electronic communication between the citizen and the local government still encounters barriers. Citizens, despite the existence of anti-bureaucratic legislation, must continue to submit documents that are already available to the local government or the State.

This is, for example, an extract from the criminal record, the commercial register, proof of real estate ownership and confirmation about school attendance. All these requirements by the local government are in violation of the rule - once is enough.

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