Slovakia was not ready for a pandemic; the State did not have supplies of medical devices

BRATISLAVA, 16 October 2020 - Competent institutions involved in crisis management, including the State Material Reserves Administration, were not sufficiently prepared to address the challenges posed by the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19.

A comparison of price developments and an analysis of purchases shows that several medical devices, including surgical drapes, masks, but also gloves and protective suits, were disproportionately overpriced. This follows from the analysis by the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic (SAO SR) about medical devices price. In addition, several audited entities did not comply with the principles of transparency.

The scope of published information about the structure of orders or invoiced amounts was not sufficient to assess the cost-effectiveness of the public funds use. The SAO SR encourages the responsible institutions to set clear rules for the distribution of emergency stocks.

They also should indicate the actual stocks of medical devices available to the State through the State Material Reserves Administration. The principles of transparency and economy must be observed not only in everyday life, but also in times of extraordinary events, as a way to strengthen public confidence in State and public institutions.

The full text of the press release about this theme in Slovak language is available here. Use the Google icon in the top bar for automatic translation.

The full text of the analysis about this issue in Slovak language is available here