Slovakia lacks carers and their financial evaluation is more than demotivating

Bratislava, November 6, 2020 - Those interested in care services in Slovakia are dependent on local governments and do not always receive adequate and quality service as confirmed in the SAO SR audit conclusions. Although the financing the care service was also helped by EUR 141 mil from European sources, but were used only for carers' salaries, not for systemic changes.

The Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family should set up mechanisms that will contribute to better availability of the care service in order to make it more attractive and advantageous than residential services. The question is to change the funding rules so that it does not depend only on the willingness or unwillingness of local governments or temporary support from European sources.

However, one of the biggest challenges is the financial evaluation of carers ranging today from EUR 450 to 600 per month. The demographic development of Slovak society shows that the provision of social services to the elderly is a key challenge to which the government and local governments must respond. 

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