K. Mitrík praised the work of the outgoing Office Vice-Presidents

At the College September meeting, Karol Mitrík, the President of the Office, handed over "SAO SR Commemorative Plaques SR" to Mr. Igor Šulaj and Mr. Vladimír Tóth on mandate termination in their constitutional position as the Audit Office Vice-Presidents.
 Igor Šulaj, Karol Mitrík, Vladimír Tóth

He thanked both Vice-Presidents for their personal contribution to the development of national authority in the field of external control, not only on the national but also international stage. The SAO SR President positively perceives their active involvement in the highest positions of the Office. During their entire term in Office (2013 - 2020), they positively contributed to professional topics evaluating the quality of audit activities or forming interpersonal relationships.

According to K. Mitrík, we must not forget their personal participation in modeling the new focus in the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic activities and adopting the strategy of its development for 2020 - 2025.