Dipl. Ing. Igor Šulaj

Dipl. Ing. Igor Šulaj

Date of Birth:
15 September 1963

University of Economics in Banská Bystrica,
Faculty of Economic Services and Travel Business – State examination

2013                      Vice-president of SAO SR
2011- 2013          Executive Deputy in AUDA Ltd., Authorized signatory in DANTAS, Limited partnership
2006 – 2010        Director general, Tax Directorate of the Slovak Republic
2002 - 2006         Member of the Parliament, National Council of the Slovak Republic
1997 - 2013         Limited partner, DANTAS, Limited partnership
1997 - 1998         Railways of the Slovak Republic, Economic Director
1995 - 1996         Member of the Board of Investment Company ISTROINVEST, joint-stock company
1994                      Auditor
1993 - 2013         Partner and Executive Deputy in BDR consult, Ltd.
1992                      Tax advisor
1986 - 1992         Heavy Engineering Company ZŤS, Business Venture Slovenská Ľupča
1985 - 1986         Assistant Professor at VŠE, University of Economics in Banská Bystrica 

German, English and Russian languages

Other professional activities:
2011 – Certificate of SKAU (Slovak Chamber of Auditors) for budgeting, accounting and auditing of accounting entities
2010  - IOTA Special presentation of procedures related to the fight against Tax Fraud, Sweden
2006 -  Diploma of SKAU of the International Financial Reporting
1994 -  License of SKAU
1992 – License of SKDP (Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors)

International activities:
Common projects in Tax area with French and Czech Tax Administrations
Common projects in Tax area among countries of V4 and Austria and Slovenia

Marital status:
Married, two children

Professional literature, sport

Dipl. Ing. Vladimír Tóth

Date of birth: Dipl. Ing. Vladimír Tóth
26 March 1965

1984 – 1989 Technical University, Košice,
                        Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

2006               Director of the Regional Office of the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic (SAO SR) in Košice
2004 – 2006 Deputy Director of the Regional Office of the SAO SR in Košice, Methodist
2000 – 2004 Auditor of the SAO SR
1999 – 2000 Director of the Office of Lawyer's Company
1999               Industrial Bank, Director for the Operational Services
1998 –1999  Financial Advisor
1989 –1998  Steel Company VSŽ a.s., Košice (IS Designer, ASRV Coordinator, Deputy for Economy and Software, Director General in the subsidiary companies of VSŹ a.s.)

Manual for Audit of Municipalities
Audit Activity of the SAO SR in Municipalities in the Period of 2006 – 2009

English, Russian

Other professional activities:
Professional supervisor for the Municipalities audit area
Member of the Legislative Council of the SAO SR
Member of the Common Assessment Framework team (CAF) of the SAO SR